Liberec and Olomouc have less points than Dynamo, two points lose Zlín. With a bigger loss, but still in the game Sparta Prague is hanging with Chomutov. Mladá Boleslav is hoping to advance only on the theoretical level.

“It is possible that the whole order is routed.But my guess is that everything stays as it is, “Sparta is confident in the pre-match and a quarter-final for Pardubice, former goalkeeper and extra-league champion Martin Altrichter. He was the champion of the Czech highest competition in 2004 with Zlín.

The ninth Berany is waiting for a key duel on Friday against the eleventh Chomutov who needs to win.

“Zlín has enough matches experience, “puts Altrichter on the team who only escaped to the pre-league last year by only two points.

This time he has a better starting position than a year ago, except for Chomutov, but the Zlín hockey players will still be leading Pilsen.She won the presidential win for the winner of the basic part with the Wednesday win in Brno.

“Pilsen does not have to win but at the same time it will want to prepare for a long break that is waiting for him during the preliminary round. He will be happy for every difficult match, “refuses 45-year-old Altrichter the possibility that the strongest team of this year will release the conclusion.

The West Bohemia is no longer doing anything, but in the fate of the busy center of the table he speaks. On Sunday they will face Zlín, on Friday will be introduced to the ice of the seventh Liberec, who is missing the bodice in the dream six.

“The Liberec form went up, currently experiencing the best season of the season. I believe that at least one match of the two White Tigers will be taken.If it is against Plzen or Vítkovice, it will be seen, “says the current operator of the new hockey hall in Říčany.

Inconspicuous but dangerous Olomouc

Along with points like Liberec, there is the eighth Olomouc. The inconspicuous team defending the defensive approach awaits the seemingly most favorable program – Friday’s clash with Fifth Comet, which is already playing only the home environment in the first play off game, and the Sunday mace on the ice of the penultimate Jihlava.

“But I would not underestimate Duke, he has a perfectly organized game. Unfortunately, they do not score much goals.Olomouc also defends well, so it will be one or two goals, “estimates the possible Altrichter scenario. Although Pardubice is at the head of the quarter-finals group, it is not such a big advantage due to the tight set. The league calendar sent the East Bohemians in the last two duels in the clash with the strong Třinec and the eternal rival from Hradec.

“But with every winning match, the Pardubice team feels a growing euphoria. Dynamo went up and after years he played decent hockey. Coach Holań and the new system have benefited the team, “notes the former goalie who has gone through nearly 20 places.

The remaining Sparty matches will be closely watched.Praying in the summer and season strengthened strongly, instead of correcting last quarter fiasco, but their fans hope at least in the top ten.

Sparta has, like Chomutov, his fate in his own hands. If he wins on Boleslav and on Sunday against Chomutov on Friday, he has a certain prequel. “Although Boleslav has the slightest chances of going forward, he will have little ambition to keep his head out for a play out. He can not afford to stumble, “he does not underestimate the Altrichter Skating Club.

His chances for the precursor are not real. “Boleslav hoped for three, four games to go back.”Mlada Boleslav will only enter the tens if it wins both of the following duels, Sparta will not win a point and Chomutov will win at most once.