She then added an identical copy to her – a totally different sport. Yes, it was just a crazy ride, since at least two golds in one of the games were conquered by the compatriots only the most famous son Emil Zátopek, the gymnastic ruler Věra Čáslavská, the current head of the Olympic mission Martin Doktor and her friend Martin Sáblíková.

The Olympics, which was just over, was an extract from its nature.

So what was the game with Ester?

They served as a foretaste of what can be expected in the years to come.Many have been written and spoken about having closed their stories of “bubbles”, and have transferred their habits from the World Cups to the Olympics.

So she communicated exclusively after the races and then on the big prints on the last day of the game.

Note number one: it works
Note Two: Ledecká apologized to Czech journalists several times. He understands the world of the 21st century, he understands sportsmen, media and social networks, but it is the most important thing for her to do things for herself. Because of your own, it means a great deal.

Erich, I’m not sad!

Watching her is sometimes tangled even for those very close.Snowboard coach Ledeck Erich Pramsohler, who due to health problems had to skip this season, for example, watched the Saturday snowboard race – and just as we were surprised.

While the opponents almost blame each move, Queen Ester keeps the ice face hidden in an unchanging grimace behind her snowboard: “When I finally got to call him, he thought something was wrong with me. That I’m sad. And I tell him: You’ve always seen me on the spot, not on television. I’m still like that. In her bubble. ”

Games in Pyongyang have also shown that Ledecká is a girl with a happy hand to choose those who help her sport (parents whose share is undeniable, let’s go for one side).Ski trainers Tomáš and Ondřej Banková. A servant and a man of many crafts Petr Kouřil, about which Ledecká claims: “Calm force.”

The body gives her another good friend, physiotherapist Jakub Marek. That dumb snowboard coach Reiter. A good bunch, in addition, a bloody success. They are basically a “byproduct” of their joint effort, in which a girl standing either on skis or on a snowboard plays a leading role.

They travel with her to the world because everyone knew what she was hiding. Even before the golden glow came over Korea. “I love you,” she told everyone in a large hall for press conferences. And she showed her other face.

In an extremely disciplined sportswoman, she’s still a crazy, damp girl.

When one of her foreign colleagues asked her, she realized she could suddenly be for many a young model, the reaction was laughter combined with a slight horror.

“Me? No, I do not. Seriously. ”

” Why not? ”

” I do not think I’m a good example. I’m so fucked up. ”

It calculates how many songs she can play as a musician’s twist (two: Here Comes the Sun and Blackbird).

childish love, rocker Bryan Adams: “He has done it with ease, the only one he has not written yet. But he always sends me a message so that it is not noticeable to others – and I will find it there.The spark jumped long ago, this relationship will be strengthened again. “She would love to meet her swimmer Katie Ledeckou, who congratulated her on Twitter and proposed DNA tests:” Sure, it would be nice. He is a huge personality; where do I use it? ”

This is often used. Ask her about Věra Čáslavská, Martina Sáblíková, Lindsey Vonna, Mikael Shiffrin…And she chooses plus plus minus the same expressions.

It is not one of those who would give the big ride an inappropriate verbal self-confidence.Instead, after every race, she thanked: the team and the people who helped her from the slopes for children.

She listed South Korea’s list of early ski and snowboard instructors who had been assisting the future Olympic champions. p>

It’s not a joke about sports. The iconic moment seems to be the moment when a cameraman tells her that she won one hundredth of a second – and she opposes it.

This was not a forum, even after a week she insists: “I was not kidding at all. I thought it was not true. Then it would be very embarrassing to rejoice if they would change my time. ”

At that moment, she was still in her bubble.Shortly after that, she will perform on a Monday festivity on Old Town Square – and then back on snow, on skis and on snowboard.

It is unnecessary to doubt the one in which the world is better. However, there is currently an actual ace in its action.