Blesk, referring to an unknown source, has reported that her absence is definitely behind the scenes. The biathlete does not even train him.

Still waiting for an official statement about a stamp on the verdict that was probably falling.

Members of the Czech implementation team were behaving in this case on Thursday, just like the shadowy Vont writers Jaroslava Foglara, whose oath was, “Let’s get hold of it. Do not tell anything we know. The silence protects us. ”

The general statement of the trainers and the head of the George Hamza Union was:” You will learn everything on Monday. ”

In the past two years Koukalova in Ruhpolding was great. The winning prelude, twice the other last year.This year is only “present” on a photo in the official program. But her name sounds very often. “What’s wrong with Gabriel?” The Norwegian and German TV reporter asked Rybář, the Rybář.

Answer? How about it: “Wait for the Monday.”

George Hamza calls for “Let’s say some kind of staff culture.”

By Monday’s official announcement, Koukalová can only go to the relay games to play or just fly as a jungle fighter. However, according to the indications available to MF DNES and, it will not be.

Last run to race 19.March 2017 in Oslo.

She was the last to train fully in June last year.

Since then, she has been limiting her calf pains born from previous achilles. there’s a good deal.

“I’m sorry,” says Mäkäräinen. “We have seen a lot of sportswomen in the past who had a baby and soon returned to the race. Even for Gabi, returning after a long pause might not have been complicated.But when you’re injured, it’s something quite different from returning to a baby. ”

Anastasia Kuzmin, the World Cup competitor, points out: “After such a long time without competitions, the first races would be a great test for both the nerves and the body.”

On Thursday, the winning Dorothea Wierer own point of view: “It is much more important than the Olympics to have Gabi fully healed. If she did not, then she could have the problem all the time. ”

Koukal made her debut at the Vancouver 2010 Games. She was then under five circles at 60th place in the endurance race and at the relay.

Sochi 2014 has already arrived as a favorite of the largest and has collected three Olympic medals in Russia.

In Pyongyang 2018, she was at the top of her career at the age of 28.

However, health often changes plans.

“I know she would never take a trick to say she wants to race at the Olympics, and she did not feel racing, her former colleague, and now TV commentator Barbora Tomešová.

But she does not know anything. Until Monday.

“Biatlon Gábina is missing,” says Kuzmin.

“But no races are worth noting for someone to destroy health and then bear the consequences,” says Tomeš.