“Excellent tournament, excellent level, excellent organization. It was very positive, “he said on Wednesday when he first talked to journalists about his flash anabasis.

The Finns demanded it as a special promotion for the festive event Vincour received. He does not conceal that the season does not go according to his ideas, he fails, he did not come to Comet in Sparta before Christmas Eve. Gaming experience accepted as an option to start. Two days after unpacking the gifts, the place on the Kometa buses to Pardubice was on an airplane to Zurich where the HPK picked him up.

“It’s like when the club exchanges you. You need to make a quick fix.With my English, which the Finns control, I had no problem. We said something about the system, it’s not easy, but the Finns are so skillful and technical players that I quickly set in, “Vincour commented.

He played two matches and the first one against Rize, to the point for a draw in normal goal time and assists. The two stats entries were scored on the right-handed power-ups. “We played them like in Kometa, except that I moved more down to the gate,” the attacker said. It also documents how well he fit into the new set. However, he did not even get the record for the first start and the first goal in the HPK orange jersey and on the 30th of December evening he was on his way back to Brno.There he has been training since then, the injury has not allowed him to play.

He has been pleased with the possibility of comparing himself to the European competition. “The Spengler Cup was much more challenging than our Champions League matches,” he compared. “Higher quality, top players. When I take it all, skating, personal combat, it’s all harder than the Champions League. ”

The mood in Kometa immediately recognized that she was doing it in his absence. Two winnings have made optimism and peace of mind for players.

“I’m glad the guys turned around. I know what the situation I was leaving for, and it got better here, “he said.He will now focus on tuning his game and returning to the set.