“I want to keep the title in the family. It does not matter who you are playing against. I want to beat everyone on the other side of the net. I feel I’m in good shape, “Williams said after the New Year.

Before the Australian Open she played in Sydney, where she returned after 17 years. But soon she could plan her way out of a tournament to the Grandslam venue, for she had run out of the first match after a two-hour match with Angelique Kerber. “The training is something other than a sharp match,” she said coldly after a three-prong cut that broke the rain.

But Venus Williams has many times proved that they are perfectly prepared for the summit of the tennis year.

Let’s go back a year: in Auckland, it’s already in the second round. And then?In Melbourne, she was in the final.

It also played in Wimbledon and at the end of the season in Singapore at the Champions Tournament. In front of the home fans in Flushing Meadows, she was only good after the semifinals. Significant results of tennis veterans, right? Only the tournament primacy was missing.

“I know her career might be even more radiant if she was healthy for me,” she told her Sister’s account for a year younger Serena. “It works so hard! I hate to play with her. Often such a sad face is that I break my heart.When we fight on the court, I’m not looking at it anymore, because I’m going to feel bad too, “she added in an interview with fashion magazine Vogue, where she is proud of Olympia’s daughter.

In Venus 2011, doctors diagnosed Sjögren’s syndrome, a disease causing frequent fatigue. At that time her career seemed to be defiant. But she adapted her life to the disease that prepares her for energy. She started to do a special exercise, she applied a strict vegan diet. He spends more time relaxing. Last year, only nine tournaments were on the circuit. “I will do anything to do what I love,” she said.

By the way, just before Bencic a year ago, Serena started her journey for 23 years.grandslam’s career title. However, the 36-year-old Queen is now missing in Australia – her mother’s return was postponed to March. And so the Williams clan represents only Venus.

“I really enjoy seeing Williams on the trophy. It’s a great thing, “said Venus. But it still lacks it.