He did not hide tears last year in Wimbledon. In the final with Federer he lost in three sets. Later, he admitted he was worried about giant bladders on his legs that tried to dampen pills. Half a year later, in Melbourne, Marin Cilic and Switzerland beat a dignified three-hour battle with Switzerland. The opponents managed to take the set as the only one in the tournament, even two. and it’s going to be a tricky trick on his way to the record-breaking 20th Grandslam title.

“Now I’m disappointed, but that’s logical. It was a beautiful duel, five hundred, “the 29-year-old Croat told. “I was happy with my performance, I was mentally strong and in good shape.”

The perfect psyche has put Čilic back into the game.At the very beginning, the almost two-meter-old guy at Rod Laver Arena was shooting, searching for and losing the first set in less than half an hour.

The press conference then admitted that the quick decision of the organizers had severely crossed his plans for preparation. “Nobody asked me for my opinion. They just came and told me they were thinking about letting the roof down, “Čilič said. “They added that the final decision would fall around seven o’clock in the evening, thirty minutes before the game,” he said.

In Melbourne on Sunday, temperatures were again rising to forty. The thermometer’s mercury was about 38 degrees Celsius that time.But just for such conditions, the Croatian was preparing for ten minutes. “When I came to the court, I sensed it was 23 or 24 degrees. Great difference. Just the first match under the roof and the final, it was difficult in the first set, “he said.

But the US Open 2014 winners did not look for the winners. The court focused only on his own performance, which he did not need to be ashamed later.

When he finished the game in the fifth set, he could have his own confidence. His balance in the decisive sets is remarkable – Čilič has dominated 27 five-game duels from 39 played. “But Roger is comfortable in long battles,” he said. “And he really felt.In the decisive set he allowed Cilic to dominate the only game.

By the end of the Croatian final from the sixth position (the last tennis player who was dominated by the Australian Open in 1998, Petr Korda) on Monday in the new issue of the ATP rankings will be on the third place behind Nadal and Federer. With the first one in the quarterfinals, the Spaniard gave up in the fifth set, the other with a terrible balance of 9: 1.

“My goal is to be the world leader. That’s why I’m always working on myself. Over the last two years, I have made tremendous progress and I believe my big day will still come.That gives me a great deal of self-confidence, “added Čilič.

The big finals, like Sunday’s Australian Open with Federer, are moving slowly to the dream of Croatia.