The Sichuan Career Academy at the Southchic Middle School also used to be the country’s greatest talent for Benjamin Wilson, but on the wrong day of the 1980s, he fired in a row with the gunshots, one of which shot him twice. The 17-year-old star who led Simeon to the first state title died at the dawn of the last year at school with severe internal injuries.

A few years later, Wilson’s name was named a new school gym, and his number 25 was always the best player .Once upon a time, he was also a certain Derrick Rose, later the most useful NBA player in the Chicago Bulls jersey.

Simeon also excelled in Jabari Parker, the NBA draft for the year 2014, now returning to Milwaukee Bucks after a heavy injury.

And two men today they play in the highest Czech competition. Pardubice has sent Brandon Spearman and Russell Woods, this year’s newcomer to New Hutti Ostrava, who is currently its second most profitable player. As a bonus, Woods became the most attractive player in the Czech league in January, when Kooperativa Faktor , special statistics judging the audience of the game, had the highest average of 6.6. This is not a bad business card for a guy who has not taken the foot sport seriously.But in an environment that binds…”Yeah, I grew up in a place where many people loved the basket and supported me and my family. And as I grew up and improved, I said that if I wanted to do something, be the first of the family to come to college and have a chance to learn for free thanks to the basket, and I will be able to do something for my closest, so this is my chance. It was motivation for me to get to the level of some buddies who played well, “says Woods, who seems to have a hard life school. And by the way – he also carries cult 25 from Simeon in Ostrava.

The transition from the Illinois state to a ten-year-old city of Ostrava could look like a big leap.NH podcošový player, but also as a newcomer to the university managed without much difficulty. “I Chicago is a big industrial city, and the weather is cool, as it is in Chicago,” he says to his birthplace called Windy City, the Windy City.

The biggest hurry for novices the old continent was communication. “While I was here, people started to understand me a bit better and I learned a few words in Czech,” he said.

And if he lives in less than five minutes from the famous Stodolní Street and hand has a quality Czech guide, which is a teammate, Michael Medvecký, everything seems to be easier.

“I go to Stodoln quite often and can eat well there.As for the clubs, there is a little different music than here, but one place reminds me of those bars in Chicago. They play American music there, and I like it there. I’m going out a lot with Michal, with whom I spend a lot of time. The transition from America made it much easier for me and I learned a lot about Ostrava and the Czech Republic, “says the 203th tall basketball player who set out to Prague after Christmas.

Since in Ostrava he has not encountered other compatriots than those of his team, Woods is said to appreciate an unexpectedly friendly interaction with the local population. “I am delighted to be in contact with people who do not even know me and want to talk and learn about me. Or just say hello.That would not be done by many people in America. ”

However, there were also situations that potentially threatened with discomfort or even a disaster. As early as the beginning of the Czech mission, when roommate Patrick Johnson, then tested as a squadron at the time, left the gas on before the match. “But it ended well. After the game, they came to the interview and switched off in time, “said Woods, who has recently met yet another lap.

” Someone from outside came to our room and stole our shoes . No one was here because we had training.Two days later, the police found the guy who found the guy somewhere in the city, “Woods described the rapid work of police forces in the city.

But the All-Star Game has a whole lot of other worries. From Alexandra Madsen of the USK, who leads the current order, he learned details about Kooperativa Faktoru, where he himself holds the second position just behind a Finnish youngster.

“Since then, I have dealt seriously,” said Woods, 26, but the USK rival did not reveal one crucial piece of information – that he would earn 50,000 crowns for the total victory in the Factor.

“Sure I will go for the smash now, but it’s my game and I’m trying to get these pieces every match because it’s an important part of the basket.I do not think I did not know about the prize money sooner, because I would focus on it and push for it, “admits the capable dunker, who has not worked in any of the smuggling competitions yet. “I rather felt that I was losing a little jump with the growing years. I’m a type of wrestling scammer, but if there were any chance of a competition, I would go into it. “