But he still kept the final signature. As if he were not sure of his decision. Or did he suspect that the Czechs would still say? Anyway, the hesitation was paid off.

The Czech coach Jan Filip called him and suggested he could receive a nomination invitation. Čep after the call to resolve the new citizenship is interrupted and is now at the threshold of his first participation in the European Championship.

The Czech trainers will announce next Wednesday the final selection for the Euro in Croatia, which begins next weekend. The 28-year-old should not miss it.

“After a call from Mr. Philip, I considered everything and turned to the side where I should be,” said Chip. “I hope to go to the championship.It is the dream of every player. ”

The other winged puppy Miroslav Jurka helped to return to the right wing. In the championship term, his wife Helena expects the first addition to the family and the coaches announced in advance that he will not.

“Mira is a long-standing support, so it’s good that we have a replacement for him,” Filip says. “Tomas in Prešov has excellent performances.”

The team could only thank the coach of the Slovak representation Martin Lipták, under whom he played in the past, and Jaroslav Holeš, head of the local union, that they were interested in him. “But I prefer to play for the Czech Republic,” he admitted.

In the national team, he may find himself at home. Six players who grew up in Zubri are participating in the final concentration.Including his two teammates from Prešov, Jakub Hrstka and Michal Kasal.

“It’s an advantage that we are together, but I have no problem with anyone in the Nation. There is a great team, “said Čip.

The invitation was secured thanks to good performances in the hand of the Slovak handball giant in the East European SEHA League. In the middle of the year, it is divided in third place in the shooting chart with Hrstka. They both scored 50 goals in twelve matches. “I play and I’m doing well”, he laconically described Chip.

“After the first workout, he knew he was in a good team,” added coach Filip.

Prešov is in the competition table sixth, only Champions League participants, including last year’s winner Vardar Skopje.The team wants to go through the final tournament, losing five points to the advancing spot.

“We’re pushing for a closer match,” Chip remarked. “There are a lot of people in front of us. We do not have such a broad body and we lack the strength at the end. ”

But his focus is now on the Euro. The Czechs have a heavy basic group. They will talk about Denmark, Spain and Hungary. “It will be difficult, but it can be done. We have to put everything in the game, “says Chip.