At the airport, they received a stunning applause of welcome at the airport with a smile, but they had not been awake for a while before waking up. “The journey was nice, we had a communicative taxi driver, so good,” he said with a smile and especially a big relief to Moravcik. “No, really, it was not a pleasure to see this guy after awakening that the guys are gone and they left, while we’re still at the hotel. We woke up about three quarters of an hour later than we had, “said Moravčík. “It may be Michal,” he said with a smile to Glass.

“And I would have led it to smart electronics because she did not warn us enough and was not loud enough.It’s hard to say how it happened, but the alarm clock on the phone had both set and surprisingly neither one of us woke up, “Moravčík described. “But we can not seduce anybody else, that’s our fault. We just hope that this is no longer a selection for the upcoming Pardubice tournament, “added Sklenička.

” They say they do not have alarm clocks or what. Yesterday good performance, they slept hard and slept, “coach Jaroslav Špaček, who has both eyes in Pilsen, commented on the incident. “They will have a fine and have to pay something, there’s nothing to do.I guess I’ll have to buy them those rings that kids have in the nursery so I can get them, “said the Spyware with a smile.” But I think they should be fined by their defense partners who should take care of them, “said Špaček. “But because they are still in Pilsen, I’ve got it all together,” he added.

“We did not leave without them deliberately, but we did not count on it. No free seats in the bus were, so we just went out. Normally we found out on the road and no one noticed that the two were missing. It was too late to sleep after the evening match, so everyone was still hot, “said Špaček.

” At least they did not have that far, and on Sunday they could do well.The boys have such a school right now, and that’s what’s going on in life. Several times, of course, it happened, but maybe in the NHL, there was a departure and just left, no one expected. Coaches said ‘we go’ and then let everyone get on as they please. So some guys stayed at the airport and did not leave for the match, it was worse, “he remembered.