Last season, Ostravanky easily crossed Rijeka during its premiere start in European Cups. Then they got in touch with Brno and in the quarterfinals they came across a stronger sokyan – Russian Krasnoyarsk.

And a similar scenario is emerging in this year’s Challenge Cup.

After Osijek, of the Finnish Orivesi. And if they succeeded, they would fly to Russian Krasnodar, who should cross the VC Bratislava.

The representatives of the Ostrava club are convinced that despite the light opponents to the opening of the cup, the team’s participation in Europe is meaningful. >

“Osijek was weaker, but our players have to confirm that they are better in paper. This is also important, “said Ostrava coach Zdeněk Pommer.Uploader Kateřina Valková is convinced that even duels with weaker units are beneficial. “For some of our girls this is the first international game. And you know the different styles of volleyball, the experience they are. It is also about playing in a different environment, we are going abroad, which is a nice change over the Czech league. “Iva Nachmilnerová added that for each player it is important to try the cup atmosphere. “It’s different from the league. And mainly the opponents are different, “Nachmilner said. “You do not win the experience by playing with the same opponents as in our country, but from foreigners.And even weaker opponents can enrich you, as it is in life. ”

So what did Ostravanky take from a fight with Osijek? “He was weaker, but he taught us to concentrate because at home in the two-way retreat for the winning set, we were relieved and they had to start concentrating again,” said Iva Nachmilner.

European Cups are worth the Ostrava manager Milos Matula, even if it is a budget intervention. “Last year, we came for a million crowns,” Matula admitted. “And the problem is that you will not find out how much it will cost you because it depends on where your opponent is.Last year was a way to Russia. ”

It is threatening now. “But Krasnodar is still closer, flying there for four hours, while in Krasnoyarsk it was over ten hours,” said Milos Matula. “The cup is both economic and risk, but the city, the county and the volleyball are helping us a lot. Without their support, we could not play. ”

Participation in Europe is a business matter. “Some rewards are only after the semifinals and finals, but they do not even cover all the costs.Even the home match will cost us about one hundred thousand crowns because, among other things, you have to cover the way, the accommodation and the catering of the judges, and even those can be far away. “For example, those who sang the Wednesday duel with Osijek came from Estonia and the Netherlands.