No, because of the NHL lockout, he did not feel in his hometown. After an involuntary end in the world’s most famous league, the 46-year-old striker decided to run the first-league club, which he also headed for the extraliga.

His current “help”, however, in the quarter-finals against Prostejov has eroded for several-second episodes.On Tuesday and Wednesday he appeared on the ice in the opening five Knights, but he almost instantly disappeared into the booth and into the cabin.

The second most productive player in the history of the NHL is picking up the start of the rounds to make it possible for the extra-league to stop. “I would not be able to do more at the moment,” said the most famous Czech sports marod after the first quarter of the season.

Paradoxically, after a sharp intervention at the end of the base part, the head did not bother, but the right knee was heard again. “After the impact, I basically switched off.When I fell uncomfortably on the ice and sat on my legs, it suffered just meniscus and ligaments, “Jagr explained. But at the same time, he realized that he could get out of the crash far worse than just the bloody scratch on his face. “Players are faster and stronger. I think such shocks should start whistling, because it is only a matter of time when the coffins come to the ice with a coffin, “he said.

Kladno complained (not only) about the Jagi intervention. The club did not appeal to the Disciplinary Commission, which would deal with the act and possible punishment for Sikor but for the arbitrator.However, the moment from the beginning of the first league maul, just like the referees on the ice, just like the foul, did not judge.

“We have a great respect for Jaromir, for us Czech Hockey God is, we do not want to come back. We gave the statement, “apologized to the panel judge Vladimír Šindler.By the way, the Czech hockey boss Tomáš Král also has a similar look.

Rake for number 68

to mention that if an unpleasant moment would have experienced an “in-line” hockey pro in the Czech Republic, few would be involved. The “victim”, however, has become Jagr, whose every match, joke on social networks or expressions is giving rise to unusual attention.

One of the most famous hockey players in history has now opened a debate on the health and safety of players. Are you guilty of similar procedures? Or not? This is about the hockey public.

“It’s hard to say whether it was a foul or not. This is not even important now.For the future, the ice hockey association and those who make the rules think of it, “Jagr said, pointing to an overseas example. “They started to whistle in the NHL to make the game clean. Owners have well realized that losing three or four players a season due to brain shake is useless. It took a lot of time but it was cleaned up. ”

Indeed, the NHL has a simple formula – if you see your opponent’s number on your back, wherever you go, do not go back! “It was like a cannon, Jie did not expect it. On the one hand, it is not a foul, on the other, it is a step in the head. A mischievous accident, “judges longtime non-NHL player and ex-deputy player Petr Nedvěd.

The unpredictability of the player without the possibility to defend himself is one of the main conditions in which judges could judge the action as a backlash.The Referee Commission, however, also took into account that the Kladno Forvard itself had put itself in a vulnerable position.

That’s why, according to Šindler et al. did not sound good at Kladno. The whistle sounded only from the auditorium.

There is a question: does the Czech Republic allow more harsh game than overseas? Does the IIHF rules governing domestic competitions protect the health of hockey players?

“I do not think the NHL and the IIHF would differ fundamentally. Head injuries, which the NHL hardly hit in recent seasons, have been harsher in European hockey earlier, “said the King for MF DNES. “And I have no hint that our competitions would be out of the question.For example, extraterrestrials, on the other hand, excessively harsh interventions, as well as disciplinary punishments compared to the recent past, have greatly reduced, “he added.

“This year, however, will be the year for the package to be approved by the IIHF,” Sindler concludes.