In 2005 Petr Štika celebrated two forty-three and thought about the end of his extra-career career. But he was overtaken by the bosses of Benátky nad Jizerou, so he strengthened the extra-league novice.

And that is why he lost the champion title, which Ostrava won next season…Petr Štika was the kidnapper of Vitkovice, which later changed to Danzas, DHL and the current VK Ostrava. He rejoined the war in Dukly Trenčín and briefly worked in Austrian Feldkirch, Opava, Venice Jizera and Sokole Hrabová, with whom he played the city championship.He always likes to return to the Ostrava team.

“After the season when I went to Venice, I was envious of the medal guys, because getting her in Ostrava never failed,” he admitted. “Such a Czech property – envy – has woken up in me. But as time went on, I was overwhelmed, even though I thought, a shame that it was no longer doing such a thing. Sorry. ”

Pike regretted that he was not in the team, because before him Ostrava won no medals. “We were quarters, fifths, we played a barrage, this, that one, and suddenly, when I left, they got the title. I was wondering if it was not me that I was there…”

But he was not angry. And even with this envy it was not serious.On the contrary, he could look forward to the success of others.

“Perhaps the team needed some change. It happened and it was great. I wanted the title because I played with most of them. I knew all of the American smiley Ching. We were glad they did. In fact, Ostrava won triumph over the long years. “Exactly after 38 from the Vítkovice championship title. Another Ostrava title came in 2013. A year after Štika left the club and finished in the extral. Still, he has at least bronze with Ostrava in 2009.

In his last season between 2011 and 2012, Štika became the oldest extralig player and joined it in fifty years.He surpassed blocker Premysl Bláha, who was 47.

Bláha was afraid that Štika would not prepare him for the record of the oldest extra-volleyball volleyball player, even though the recorder had already told him, “He does not have to worry about it.He’s still been a lot for those forty-seven years. ”

Still he was fifty.

He wanted to help his” club “when his big friend and longtime teammate Tomas Zednik , manager of Ostrava.

“The young recorder Jiří Chochlík got an interesting job offer and decided to end with the top sport, so we quickly sought to replace Zdeněk Haník,” reminded Tomáš Zedník. was clear – indestructible Petr Štika. “I do not know if it tells us something about our league, or Petr is such a unique one,” Jan Václavík, today Ostrava coach, then Libero. “But the hat down before he did at fifty, even if the post of the recorder is not as physically demanding as the others.”

The pike returned among the elite in January 2012, straight out of the city’s reign, for Sokol Hrabová.

“I still train normally, I go to the gym.And I also regenerate a lot, “he said. “But rather than a massage, I go to the sauna. She gives me a lot. Warm up your body, dice, that’s cool. ”

He just came to the team, won the Czech and Czech-Slovak cups with him. “So he would still want a master’s title…That would be a three-crown,” he wished.

But in vain. The Ostravas were then in the outer quarters.

Petr Štika has never been a model of life. “I’m still banging like a factory,” he admitted. “But it is a fact that I do not go to the beer as much as before. That’s also because when I was in Opava, I was traveling by car from Ostrava where I live.So I put the top bats at home at TV. ”

He did not even look for different parties. “I’m older, I’m harder to tolerate,” he smiled.

He had no relief in preparation. “There would be no problem with them, but it would be strange to me if they were all up and I was looking at them.” He admitted that the training did not speed up what others did. “But I tried. It would be stupid if I did not go to the trainings and not be with the boys. Besides, they still have to be the recorder. “