If he was a seer and knew the sensational outcome of the second semifinal, he would have chosen other words.

But the former coach of the national team took the phone one hour after noon, when he could not yet suspect that the Germans were shocked by the hockey world and Canada sent to the Czech Republic for the third place ( starting at 13.10 < /b>>.

“The owner of the medal will decide who will be hungrier,” says Hadamczik. “Each player must realize that the medals from the Olympics are always counted. Whether it’s an action with or without NHL players. ”

Hadamczik experienced a similar situation in 2006. The team with Jagr, Jewish or” Korean leader “Eratem shot in the semifinal 7: 3. But Hadamczik’s team managed to mobilize forces in one day. Physical and psychic.And in the defeated duel, the Czechs played the Russians 3-0.

“In Turin, the medal was underestimated. For example, Canada had the biggest aces in the quarterfinals, “says the last Czech Olympic medalist hockey coach. “And you see we’re waiting! If we do not play a medal now, we will not play it for another twenty years. That’s what I’m telling you. When NHL players arrive, we do not play anything. Boys need to fight it, “he says.”

Better shooter? What?

Representatives will invite a superpower who can best iron the absence of NHL enthusiasts. In order for Czechs to swing on bronze medals on Saturday, they have to overcome Canada’s own impotence in the key events of the big events.

The Czechs are coming from a goal in the semifinals or a 3 o.they did not like a long four years. The fifth zero in the line was on the Czech side on Friday after the Olympic semi-final with the selection of athletes from Russia (0: 3 defeat here).

“But it was our best performance at the tournament. We must take into account the strength of the opponent, “notes Hadamczik. “But a little bit saddened me that we could turn the game with the power play. As for the combination, we played very well, just a direct shot from the center and two players had to stand in front of the gate. ”

Hadamczik, like other former coach Vladimir Vujtek (interview here) the reasons why the Czech ice hockey players in the “squatters” are in the end.

“Maybe we’re pulling and being strong enough to defend a lot. It’s a psyche.Maybe I do not have to be right, but the player may have more defenses in his head and then he does not have the courage to attack, “says the owner of the three medals from the world championships. Hadamczik does not think the hockey cannons died in the Czech Republic after the sword. “The Ruzicka Goals in the Extraliga, in Switzerland Red, in Russia again the Blacksmith. What do you want a better shooter? “Says the coach.

If a representation wants to bring a medal from Asia, it needs a (not only)