“Sometimes there had to be a change of guard,” the new laureate smiled. “It’s a surprise, I certainly did not expect it. Only a few players from Nymburk have received an individual prize for the Czech league, “the thirty-five-year-old legend does not conceal. The defensive art can not be confirmed by the defeat, for the rest of the season, a rival from AEK Athens prepared by unfortunate stinging of the achilles in the eightfinal retaliation of the Champions League.

Bend’s defensive half championship is not only looking for statistics, with an average of 17 minutes for less than a single win, 2.2 defensive rebounds and a total of only seven blocks for 23 matches.

The voters probably appreciated my defense as a whole.But if Nymburk did not play the season so well on the Czech and European scene, then probably no prize for me. I think there are better defenders in the one-on-one game in the league, but defense is not just about it. It is about team work, and when a player joins, he becomes a good defender. If he defends his player well and does not help the whole team, he is still missing something. But I do not say that I meet 100%, “he refuses to praise Benda, who would appreciate either Radka Nečas from Pardubice or Tomáš Pomikálka from Děčín.

Even if his personal memories do not draw a defensively exceptional match, some games he enjoyed more than others.

“I’m mostly thrilled against higher and heavier pivots.I like these battles and I search for them. It’s a challenge, and I’m mostly trying to stop these players. It needs to be faster and smarter. Most of these players go into the game to the back of the basket and assume there, and it is imperative not to let them go and push them out before they reach the sub-area.It is then that she stops talking, starts to be poisoned, makes a few attacking fouls I sometimes fall to, even if I do not have to, it is more and more, and no longer in the match, “he reveals his recipe for so-called elephants.

Although the defensive price has been received by Benda this year, he has always been on the pitch to perform complex performances, including a precise defense.

“If a player is well prevented, even if he does not manage to attack, he has a chance to stay on the field because most of the coaches give emphasis to the defense.If the player has a head set to defeat the maximum, he can only be important to the team, “said the veteran, according to which for a good defensive performance, up to 40 percent of the player can use the pre-match information of each player’s opponent and of course and it’s a video game. It’s paradoxical that the Bendu prize came in the season when he became an excellent three-time champion in the Champions League (with 24 bullets and 11 runs and almost 46 percent best team success) and when just trock cannonade broke in the final of the Czech Cup and Pardubice Beks.

Why was this offensive awakening up to 35 years old?

“It is a lot of thanks to coach Amil, who pushed me into it so I was not afraid of troy.I’m not such a bad shooter again, I did a lot of training on the training. The coach now added self-confidence in situations when I should just shoot the three, and I started to take them. I tried to find a good position, nothing crazy over the defense, and started sending it there, “thank you.

Next-projected projectiles are going to be in the next season.