“Of course we are sorry we did not manage because we think we were in Vsetín,” saddled after defeat 1: 5 seven-year goalkeeper Horácké Slavie Lukáš Dostál.

All the trumps had Třebíč in your hands. It was enough to give it a draw in the basic game time.

“We chances we created, in some passages we were even better but we did not score goals. And I also made some mistakes. It was just the whole thing, “the pugilist of Brno hockey sighed.

And Martin Sobotka, the coach of Třebíč, was disappointed after the match.

” In the last quarter of the season only fifteen points. In addition, we have brought only three of the outdoor matches.I think it’s been going to play-off, “he said, looking for the early-stage press conference at the post-press press conference.

” In Usti nad Labem, Kadani, Venice and Frydek-Mistek, get the points, “he knew.

This year’s elimination part of the first league will be without Třebíč’s participation, however, the atmosphere as in the play-off Horácká Slavia has enjoyed. A very large group of Vsetin fans arrived in Třebíč on Saturday, which together with home fans created a game of great backdrop.

“It was amazing,” Dostál praised. “Thanks to that, the match had play-off parameters.We have to thank the fans very much for this atmosphere, “he sent a message to both camps.

But the Vsetínský was significantly more satisfied. Just like the coach of the visiting team, Jiří Dopita. “I think we played the game well and we did not make too many mistakes,” he said. ”

Jaroslav Pavelka, the Vsetín goalkeeper Jaroslav Pavelka, was the only obstacle for the Třebíč hockey players.

“The most important moment was the unbeaten power of the home team. Especially their huge opportunity, which could lead to a 1: 1 comparison.Pavelka kept us in that weakness, “he did not spare compliments to his goalie Dopita, who is looking forward to the first match of the quarter-finals with Karlovy Vary. “We will do everything we can to advance,” he said.

This in Třebíč can slowly plan another season from Saturday night. Before they wish. “It will be soon,” Dostal said, sighing. “But the league is just set up like this, it’s not a pre-game. Unfortunately, “he shrugged his shoulders. Anyway, despite the early end, the Třebíč hockey players heard from their coach also the words of praise. “I think we have nothing to be ashamed of.We have been fighting for play-off until the last minute, “Sobotka said.