Six points in the play off were seen by Boston fans for the last time in 1983, then by Rick Middleton. The same thing was done by Phil Esposito in 1969.

Now David Pastrnak.

“Damn, it was night. You know, he’s a real player. She plays great all year. He is developing, continuously working, trying to play properly. That’s the most stunning thing about him. Gathering points is great, but the best is his style of play, “said Brad Marchand, a brave teammate, who had four assists against Toronto. Patricia Bergeron did not miss the third. He also glorified the Czech wing. “He’s confident. He wants to be the difference player. If we do not have a puck, it is literally hunting for him. That fascinates me.The NHL has a lot of talented players in a puck game. But if they do not, they do not want to get him back like our kid. This year, he made a tremendous advance in his game. “The six points in the NHL playoff match is really happening. Three more players have scored more in the retreat – Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Patrick Sundström.

The NHL, in addition to the six-point playoff night, saw the last time in 2012 from Claude Giroux. Breakthrough Night. Well said. What he did was special, “said coach Bruce Cassidy after interviewing journalists.

” There is a reason why this is the best line of current hockey. They play in defense and attack. He hits the pucks in a style I’ve never seen before.It has to be difficult to defend them, and it is also among our best defending players, “defeated Torey Krug over the trio, which collected twenty points after two matches. What about Pastrňák himself? You will also hear the words of praise from him. But only towards the team.

“I’m going to ice with great players in a great team. We play really well. It’s easy for me, we have a bunch of players who want to win and know what it’s about. We are not thinking about the other team, we are only interested in our performance, playing simply and quickly. We do not even think about what happens, we are only interested in what we can do and what we check, “says 88 player on the jersey.

Pastrymaker’s line is not set.How paradoxically now is the fact that at the beginning of the season, coach Cassidy with the Czech wing at Marchand and Bergeron did not count at all. The striking pair was originally formed in the second line with David Krejci.