In the series played for four wins, Svitavy took the lead as well as the defender of the Nymburk title. At home, Kolin scored 122: 68 and scored the most points in play off in the last 12 years.

In the season when Svitavy lost both matches in Děčín, but now they were exceptionally successful in entering the match, six minutes gave five trots and under the baton of Jiří Jelínek and Pavel Slezák led quickly 20: 2. After that, Svitavy was ahead of the game and did not allow the home team to return to the game.

“He decided to start the game. We arrived before we set our heads properly and we came to the game very responsibly. We’ve created a point pillow that we’ve been looking after with excellent defense. We are happy to win, but the status is still only 1: 0.I think the series will be long, “said Lubomir Ruzicka, a coach of the World Championship in the Czech Republic.

Decin has lost to the home with someone other than in the final with the Nymburk champion for the first time in four years. Not even 18 points of the representative of Pavel Huska. On the side of the guests he also gave 18 points Jelínek.

“We did not manage the game at all and played a naive defense. Svitavy showed what they are good at, and especially productivity at three points. The big difference was in the play of the players. On Tuesday, there is a number two match, we have to sleep well, prepare well and try to play a bit differently, “said Pavel Budinsky, the coach of Děčín.

Cologne stayed with Nymburk only seven minutes. Then they started to escape and in the first half they led by 30 points.Even though Nymburk was missing the most useful player in the base part of Kendrick Ray and injured by other support Petr Benda and Dardan Berisha.

The home side was very well defended one of the main stars of Lee Skinner competition, which scored only 14 points four rebounds and significantly behind their averages. The best scorer of Cologne was with 17 points Petr Šafarčík.

Nymburk gave just seven players a double-digit point, most of them Boris Barach, and 19. With 10 points there is also a youth representative Martin Kolář. Eugene Lawrence added seven points, eight assists, six rebounds and three profits. Total Nymburk scored 18 trophies to offset the season record. For two points, he even shot at 70 percent.