Zohorna has been replaced in the third round of Friday’s semi-final against Russia, which the Czech team lost 0-3. The attacker of Kazan will be the final match of the coach of Josef Jandač to watch only from the stand, as well as defender Ondřej Vitásek and goalkeeper Troik Patrik Bartosák.

The chance to get involved in the game instead of Chisinau gets Vondrka, who has just been to the first match against Korea.

The Czech hockey players had volunteer training in Kangnung today, goalkeepers and ten players, others prepared only in the arena background. In the afternoon, there is a brief preparation for Canada to meet for the second time in the Olympics.In the basic group Czech Republic won 3: 2 after separate raids.

“We played with them in December on Channel One Cup. It was a match when he scored one goal. Here the raids. We do not expect anything simple, but at this stage of the tournament it’s not easy to be. We must prepare to be a tough opponent who will not want to go without a medal, “said coach Assistant Vaclav Prospal. In Moscow, the Czech team won 4: 1, but two goals scored in power play.

Canada is an unexpected opponent in the bronze fight, in the semi-final, it lost 3: 4. “It’s surprising in some ways, but on the other hand, if the Germans did two-thirds 6: 1, no one could be surprised. They played really well and show very good hockey here.At least in the playoff, they have advanced to the final, “Prospal acknowledged.

Both teams will have to deal with the disappointment of an unfulfilled Olympic gold dream today. Sleeping realizes that he can not quickly forget the defeat in the semifinals. “On the other hand, today is a new day, a new game and heads have to be reversed in some way. Gold and silver missed us, bronze is still in the game. We must concentrate and prepare the team to deliver a concentrated and dedicatory performance. To be the ones who win the last game, “said a former excellent forward.

He is sure that Canadians will not release the last match. In the absence of NHL players, they have a unique chance to win the Olympic medal.Ice hockey players in European competitions or lower AHLs would otherwise not have had a chance to get to Canada’s games for play. “I do not believe they will be out of the game or not ready. Even if they say they only care about the gold, they will go into full balls and they will want to win. I do not expect them to be anything other than a huge commitment and combat, “Prospal added.

The bronze match against Canada will begin at 13:10 CET. Watch an ONLINE report