Kudravcev was the best scorer with 18 points. Spain again led the native Andorran Quino Colom, this time with 17 points. Another Matador Fran Vázquez scored 14 points and six rebounds.

A valuable prize from Montenegro 75:63 takes the Slovenians they broke the home resistance when the match was balanced.

The guests bet on three shooters: 19 points scored by Klemen Prepelič, 14 points by Jaka Blazic and 13 by Gašper Vidmar.Domestic draw with 15 points young pivot Zoran Nikolich.

The situation in group B complicated Latvians who were not home at Ukraine 68:82 and are now on the third place with one win of three matches.

In Riga, they did not manage to enter the match immediately when they lost the first quarter of 13:24 and when two quarters gradually returned to the match, the last quarter failed, and Ukraine was watching the win in the end. Ukraine’s leader was with 22 points and 13 rebounds of Glory Cows, 20 points added by Pooh Jeter.The home team did not help 24 points by Janis Blums.

The result did not really like Davis Bertans, who worked in San Antonio to lose the chance to represent him during the season.

A record visit to Sweden’s Swedish has pushed home to a historic victory over Turkey 59:58. Seven and a half thousand spectators totally silenced the Turks, and five minutes before the end of the season led the home of 58:45. But as if the Swedes were knocking their knees and a series of losses, they allowed Turkey back into the match and at the end had to survive the Sertace Sanli’s potential winning shot.

The heroic performance of the home led a sixteen-point Nick Spires, with six rebounds and six blocks. Turkey’s best shooter, who dropped ten penalty throws, was Melih Mahmutoglu with 12 points.Bobby Dixon earned 10 points, six rebounds and six assists.

Role favorites have been confirmed in group C Lithuanians but at 80:75 above Hungary </b > they were more likely than they expected. The guests were only in the beginning, but did not let the game run, and a minute and a half before the end, Dávid Vojvoda lowered to three points. However, Lithuania took the lead with Marius Grigonis, who scored 13 points. The Hungarians held the duo of Roscoe Allen – János Eilingsfeld, who scored 32 points.

A peaceful evening was spent by the Poles , who did not have enough to win over Kosovo 90:62. The home team in Wloclawek beat three quarters of their opponents with one quick counterattack after another, and their lead up to 35 points before the final one was dropped.The home defensive score led by Karol Gruszecki with 18 points, Kosovo’s defender was Nymburský shooter Dardan Berisha, who scored 23 points.

19 points and 12 rebounds of Hrvoje Perič and 11 points of Luky Žorič did not help the favor. The Romanian victory was commanded by the young couple Nandor Kuti (16 points) and Emanuel Cate (13 points and 14 rebounds). Italians have won The Netherlands and home in Verona won 80:62. In the first quarter, when they won a two-digit lead, they did not leave their opponents much more vulnerable during the game.The scorer of the match was 22 points home with Amdeo Della Valle, competing with Seventeen Point Roeland Schaftenaar.

The equalizer ended in a match with Belgium Bosniak Herzegovina who celebrated 72:70. Bosnia missed two minutes before the end of seven points, but the conclusion came out perfectly and everything decided three seconds before the end of the penalty throw line Nemanja Gordič.

Jonathan Tabu on the other hand scored three, but according to the video the ball left his hand only after the end of the playing time. Gordic led Bosnia with 17 points, top shooter of Belgium was with 19 points Quentin Serron.

The big battle was seen by spectators in Strasbourg, where France beat Russia 75:74 after lengthening.The match was very balanced all the time, until the guests lost six points before the end. However, the crisis moment was able to overcome, and in the extension they had the lead for most of their time, last for six years by Sergey Karasjov twenty-three seconds before the end, but on the other hand he turned out to be a veteran veteran Boris Diaw.

The successful thirty-five- three seconds before the end of the event and decided to win France. Diaw showed great performance when he added to 23 points seven rebounds and seven assists. The Russians drew Dmitry Kulagin (17 points) with Karasjov (16 points), but in the end it was not enough.

The Duel of two unbeaten teams in the backyard managed better in the home environment Germans Serbia 79:74.The key was the ten-point home line at the beginning of the fourth quarter in just 90 seconds. Star of the Germans was 17 points Robin Benzing, 11 added youngster Isaiah Hartenstein. For Srby Miroslav Raduljica managed to score 22 points in just 16 minutes.

For a clear 78:64 victory, Georgia caught the Georgians. The favor of the match retained the first quarter of the home in five points and the two-digit lead .Georgia ran to 23 points and nine rebounds naturalized by American Mike Dixon with 23 points, on the other hand called Thomas Klepeisz but did not support teammates.

The Israelis pulled Guy Pnini with 18 points and Richard Howell with 16 points, the British did not score 19 points and eight rebounds by Gabe Olaseni.

The invincibility holds in the Greeks who played Estonia 87:75. The home in the sold out arena of Heraklion broke the duel after a break when they took control of the third quarter 26:13 and held a nineteen-point lead before the last ten minutes.Then Greece was weakened in defense and allowed the Estonians to shoot for the last quarter of 33 points, but it did not lead to a dramatic result.

The best scorer of the match was the Greek pivot Janis Burusis with 21 points, he managed eight rebounds, six assists and four profits. Panajotis Vasilopulos added 17 points, Estonia led by Sten Sokk with 16 points.