“Out of Salem came the polar glow,” Finnish coach winner Marek Rojko reported in euphoria. “More players have made the most of this season. We had energy and coherence, and that must stand for us, “he added.

The impression of the Finnish mission is more impressive for KP Brno, that his players went into it as an outsider, not only because of the result at home, but also due to Saturday’s extra-league squabble in Prostějov. The team has left fighting, will and sporting quality. Extremely speaking, the Queen’s co-operative itself had the ground for poor performance before the retaliation.

“After a very poor performance in Prostějov, a completely different team joined.We fought from the first to the last ball, we played with confidence and self-confidence, and what is essential – as one team, “said Captain Ivan Zburová.

What happened to the surrender between the weekend and the middle? Inside the team of performances in Prostějov caused a great storm. “The professional team will have a professional solution,” said coach Rojko, unhappy with the game play and with the approach of the Czech champion’s deck.The players were not only screaming for the Salou Cup reward, but they could not even count on the game, but also for the extra-league battle against Ostrava tomorrow.

The consequences were planned after the return from Finland, but the players prevented him from going up and jumped incredibly. “The team showed character, concentration, cooperation and courage. I will only be glad if the team accepts it as a proof of what he has, “the coach wished.

The Brnans were acting as replaced.After the dominated two sets, only in the third set had to turn the unfavorable condition of 18:22, in the golden set they were ahead again.

“We have shown to everyone and especially to ourselves that if we do this, good matches that will move us higher, “said Captain Zurova.

Specifically, it will not only be higher but also further.Yekaterinburg is in terms of distance, transport, and hence the cost of being scared. “It’s true that the procedure will complicate us a lot,” Rojko admits trouble with the addition of additional matches and a heavy load for the club’s casino. “But we are doing professional volleyball and I believe that this team will help in the difficult season of the season,” he said.